Jacknife Design and Stolichnaya Vodka commissioned five filmmakers to create films about "origins", giving them carte blanche in script, style, and story, to celebrate Stolichnaya's beginnings as part of their ORGNL.TV campaign. One of those filmmakers was Hector Herrera, my partner at Together.

I scribbled up with a few ideas, and we settled on a tongue-in-cheek "origin story" for hair metal. I wrote the script, Hector designed, directed, and animated the film, and Nick Sewell provided the fantastic voiceover and music.

Sean WainsteimJulian Van Mil and Nicolas Kadima were the other filmmakers commissioned and you should check out their films too!


Words: Pazit Cahlon

Pictures: Hector Herrera

Voice: Nick Sewell

Sound Design: Nick Sewell

Production: Pazit Cahlon

Animation: Hector Herrera

Music: Nick Sewell